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iPhone 5C Power Button Repair


iPhone 5C Power Button Repair

Product Description

This iPhone Repair service will replace the power button in your iPhone 5C. The power button might have stopped working for several reasons, and can be annoying to deal with day-to-day. You should book this repair for your iPhone if your power/lock button has become temperamental or completely unresponsive.

This is a common problem with iPhone’s; Usually after 1 or 2 years this problem might arise and the iPhone 5C power button will need to be replaced to return the phone to normal operation. You will get a brand new iPhone 5C power button repair which will remedy the issues you are experiencing with your iPhone.

iPhone 5C Power Button Repair

You should use this service if your iPhone displays any of the following symptoms:

Unable to power your iPhone on or off
iPhone power button works sometimes
Having to push iPhone home button firmly to work
iPhone 5C power button sticking


Additional Information

How to get Repair Service :

1. Add service to your cart and checkout 2. Contact us for drop off or shipping location 3. We will repair your device 4. You pickup/ or we ship your fixed device back to you


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